Craig Fyfe grew up in Manchester, studied in London and currently lives and works in Cologne, Germany. His academic study of Sculpture at Chelsea College of Art, combined with a rebellious imagination and tendency to push boundaries are reflected in his artistic subjects, mediums and approaches.

Refusing to settle on one style or genre, Craig takes his inspiration from everyday situations, with a particular emphasis on questioning social norms and reworking expectation and assumption. At Chelsea, some of Craig's particular works of note included his "Eye Heart You" series of sculptures of shocking anagrams of the phrase, "Looking Busy" series of self portraits of the artist at work without an actual goal of production and "I'm More Intelligent Than You" granite installation.

In terms of his current portfolio, Craig is exhibiting a series of paintings inspired by a single character in different and ever more shocking scenarios, as well as a digital "Fun with Flags" series experimenting with stereotypes, jingoism and the ironic interplay of the two. Further to this, drawing remains a central part of Craig's work, with intricate detailed fine ink on paper being his favoured medium.